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Posted on 26/08/2018

We are happy to announce a partnership between MPAYG ( and Longitude Finance (LOFIN) whereby our SMEs and small business clients will have access to solar products which have been recently launched by MPAYG AS; a clean energy company from Copenhagen, Denmark.

M-PAYG is a provider of high-quality solar energy systems for the developing world. The systems allow off-grid low-income households and businesses to access solar energy through small-scale mobile repayments.

To use the system you unlock it through weekly or monthly mobile repayments. LOFIN will not only assist in the distribution of the products and monitor repayments using mobile money/Block Chain technology across the country and soon East Africa; but will also provide loans (funding) to those SMEs and small businesses; who would like to out rightly acquire the equipment and accessories.

We are excited with this unique partnership; as it is one of the Sustainable Development Goals- SDGs (no 7); access to clean energy to alleviate poverty; hence in line with our Mission and Vision of being in unique in serving the SMEs and small businesses with value add products to enhance their businesses and hence alleviate poverty.

Above Pic: Mr Michael Monari CEO LOFIN and Mr Asger Trier CEO & Co-Founder represented by Mr David Dizon CPO & Co-Founder of MPAYG after the signing of the Partnership.